Seagate launches a monstrous 60TB SSD

If you’ve been wanting as much storage as possible in an SSD form factor that doesn’t break the bank, well, you’ll have to keep waiting. But for those few with enough money to buy a private island — or at least a private data center — Seagate Technology has taken the wraps off of an unbelievable 60TB solid state […]

how HoloLens is revolutionising industry

Since officially launching in the UK in 2016, Microsoft’s HoloLens – the company’s mixed reality headset – has been adopted by industries keen to change the way they work. From teaching health sciences at universities to designing the new Mars Rover, HoloLens has already shown its potential is seemingly limitless. HoloLens was designed as a […]

Smart Bike Helmet Signals When Cyclist Is Braking Or Turning

Car drivers can always be thankful for the indicator lights that show the direction they are heading to. It is a great feature to have especially when driving at night. For cyclists, however, signaling could be terrifying since fast hand motions are required. Apart from the frightening experience of sharing the road with rapid moving […]

EU Data-Privacy Regulator Raises Concerns About Windows 10

The European Union’s data-protection watchdog says it still has concerns about the information Microsoft is collecting from users of its Windows 10 operating system. The EU regulator sent Microsoft a letter a year ago raising concerns that the operating system didn’t give users enough information or control over what data was being scooped up and […]

This Netflix personal trainer is all work, no chill

Before you settle into that binge session of Narcos, Netflix wants you to put in work. As part of it’s “Make It” project, Netflix recently released a tutorial on how to create a Netflix-themed personal trainer. The device hooks up to your smartphone or table via Bluetooth and uses an accelerometer to measure the pace […]

YouTube TV lets up to six people watch and record live TV for $35 – £28 a month

Launching “soon” in the “largest US markets” before rolling out more widely, YouTube TV lets up to six accounts stream and record live shows for partner networks on any device, anywhere in the world, for $35 – £28 a month. Unlike cable contracts, viewers can cancel their subscription at any time and there are no restrictions on how many shows can be recorded.